Joellen Martha Schildkraut

Professor Emeritus in Family Medicine and Community Health
6036 Hock Plaza, 2424 Erwin Road, Durham, NC 27705
(919) 681-4761

Dr. Schildkraut is an epidemiologist whose research includes the molecular epidemiology of ovarian, breast and brain cancers. Dr. Schildkraut's research interests include the study of the interaction between genetic and environmental factors. She is currently involved in a large study of genome wide association and ovarian cancer risk and survival. Some of her work is also focused on particular genetic pathways including the DNA repair and apoptosis pathways. She currently leads a study of African American women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is also collaborating in a large a case-control study of meningioma risk factors and with which a genome wide association analysis is about to commence.

Education and Training

  • Yale University, M.P.H. 1982
  • Yale University, Ph.D. 1987

Selected Grants and Awards


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