Training Clinicians, Leaders and Advocates

Our program is dedicated to training family physicians who are excellent clinicians, leaders, and advocates of health within the community. We partner with a variety of local health care and community teams to meet the needs of various individuals, families, and populations, with the core goal of reducing health care disparities and improving health.

Our residents are passionate individuals, expressing interest in health care policy, advocacy, and leadership, as well as in community engagement, global health, and the desire to be the best clinicians possible. We meet their interests and educational goals through a variety of robust clinical rotations, encourage leadership opportunities, and seek out local and international electives. The structured flexibility of our curriculum emphasizes population health and innovative models of health care delivery to prepare our residents for their ideal clinical practice and to be tomorrow's physician leaders.

Welcome to Duke Family Medicine Residency Program!

As a community-oriented family medicine residency at a large academic institution, we benefit from all that Duke Medical School has to offer, and we leverage it to address the health disparities and social inequity that many of our patients experience. We do this by:

  • providing excellent, rigorous, and well-rounded clinical training-providing all residents with advanced training in population health while supporting them in pursuing areas of concentrated interest
  • integrating deeply within our local community, both through clinical work and community partnerships
  • building a learning environment that is inclusive and psychologically safe, and that values vulnerability, belonging, and authentic self-expression

We hope you'll take some time to learn about each of these areas through our website, and look forward to your application in the fall!


Sara Martin, MD, Residency Director

Kenny Herring, MD, Associate Program Director

Rural Family Medicine Residency

Duke University has two separate family medicine residencies, the core program and the rural program, and each have a different mission and vision.

The Duke Rural Family Medicine Residency program strives to deliver excellent medical education through the integration of outstanding patient care, education, research, and community partnerships—all through a lens to increase equity. The program helps residents achieve a mastery of clinical medicine with intimate connections to the community and launches them toward a rewarding career in rural family medicine.

Explore the Duke Rural Family Medicine Residency.