Match Day 2024: Duke Family Medicine Residency Announces Match of 8 Interns

The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health has announced the six medical students who will be joining the Family Medicine Residency Program in July as interns. Two will enter the Rural Family Medicine Residency Program. Medical students across the country learned today — Match Day — which residency program they would be joining in the 2024-2025 academic year.


Meet the Interns

Sudha Dhulipala, Anisa Eshraghi, Julian Melchor
  • Sudha Dhulipala, University of Florida
  • Anisa Eshraghi, Campbell University
  • Julian Melchor, Florida State University
Giovana Pinheiro, Jose Ramirez Rossy, Aonesti Williams
  • Giovana Pinheiro, University of Cincinnati
  • Jose Ramirez Rossy, University of Miami
  • Aonesti Williams, Indiana University

Meet the Rural Residency Interns

Alec Judd, John Park
  • Alec Judd, Texas A&M University
  • John Park, Duke University