Meet Raman Norhia, M.D.

By Raman Norhia, M.D.

Raman Norhia, M.D., joined the clinical faculty of the Department of Family Medicine & Community Health on August 1, 2021. Norhia earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University in 2015, and completed the Lawrence Family Medicine Residency Program in 2019. He completed the Duke Hospital Medicine Fellowship at Duke Regional Hospital in 2021. Norhia will care for patients at Duke Family Medicine Center.

Why did you choose to join the faculty in the Department of Family Medicine & Community Health?

I am excited to join the faculty in department! I love the work environment as there are multiple like-minded individuals focused on community health and healthcare transformation.

Where were you working previous to Duke? What was your role there?

I was previously a Hospital Fellow with the department and Duke Regional Hospital

What is your approach to mentorship/teaching?

I value teaching residents and medical students as it reinforces that medicine is about constantly learning and seeking new knowledge. I view mentorship as a 1:1 process and one that should be tailored to each individual due to their unique interests and developmental objectives.

What is your clinical focus and what types of patients will you be taking care of at Duke?

My clinical focus is considered hospital and transitional care medicine. I consider myself a full-spectrum family medicine physician, however, this focus will cater towards adults.

Are there any major clinical care initiatives you have been a part of or are currently working on?

We are currently developing a transitions-of-care clinic What are your research interests? My research interests are in social drivers of health, community-healthcare partnerships, multi-stakeholder collaborations for health promotion and behavioral change.