Audrey L Blewer

Assistant Professor in Family Medicine and Community Health
2200 West Main Street, Durham, NC 27705
(919) 613-7898

Audrey L. Blewer, PhD, MPH is an epidemiologist and resuscitation scientist in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health within Duke University School of Medicine. Dr. Blewer completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania from the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Informatics and her Master of Public Health in Social in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Florida.

Dr. Blewer has been fortunate to have published in several noteworthy journals such as Circulation Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, Circulation, and Critical Care Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Blewer has been recognized for her work internationally, recently nominated as a finalist for the Ian Jacobs Young Investigator Award by the European Resuscitation Council. Her recent work investigating bystander CPR disparities was chosen as a top abstract, where she received a young investigator award at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions.

Education and Training

  • University of Florida, M.P.H. 2008
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Ph.D. 2018


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