George R. Parkerson

Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine and Community Health
348 Hanes House, Durham, NC 27710
(919) 681-3043

My principal research interest is measurement of health as self-reported by individuals. This includes health-related quality of life, determinants of health, and health-related outcomes. At the present time I am conducting a study to validate the new Duke Population Health Profile (Duke-PH), a 15-item patient self-report survey that measures individual quality of life, social determinants of health, and outcomes. In the past, I helped develop the Duke-UNC Health Profile (1981), the Duke Health Profile (1990), the Duke Severity of Illness Checklist (1989), the Duke Social Support and Stress Scale (1989), the Duke Anxiety-Depression Scale (1997), and the Duke Case-Mix System (1997).

Education and Training

  • Duke University, M.D. 1953
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.P.H. 1977


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