Hanzhang Xu

Medical Instructor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
2200 West Main Street, Suite 600 Room 624, Durham, NC 27705
(919) 613-2196

My research interests center on social determinants of health and disparities in health care and outcomes in community settings and diverse populations. My current program of research falls under two themes: (i) the analysis of health disparities in a multinational context, with a particular focus on the cognitive function among older adults; and (ii) the integration of patient-reported social factors in cardiovascular outcome research.  As an interdisciplinary researcher, I am also interested in using digital technology to promote disease management in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Education and Training

  • Duke University School of Nursing, Ph.D. 2018

Selected Grants and Awards


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    Xu H, Dupre ME, Gu D, Wu B. The impact of residential status on cognitive decline among older adults in China: Results from a longitudinal study. Bmc Geriatrics. 2017 May 15;17(1):107-null. PubMed Central PMCID: 28506252.

    Li J, Xu H, Pan W, Wu B. Association between tooth loss and cognitive decline: A 13-year longitudinal study of Chinese older adults. Plos One. 2017 Jan;12(2):e0171404-null. PubMed Central PMCID: 28158261.

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