How to Apply


We are not currently accepting applications.  

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for this fellowship, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a medical degree (MD/DO) or physician assistant certificate (PA-C)
  • MDs/DOs must be board certified or board eligible in family medicine, general internal medicine, or general pediatrics
  • Be employed in a primary care practice as a primary care physician/physician assistant for at least two years. Note: Residency does not count toward this requirement.
  • Fellows must work in the US during the fellowship. Note: This fellowship is ideally suited for North Carolina residents, however North Carolina residency is not a requirement.

About the Application

Applicants must submit a CV, letter of support from practice (download a template)personal essay, and a project proposal.

The personal essay must be no more than 500 words and include the following information:

  • Reasons you want to be a fellow, including a discussion of your major strengths and qualifications for the program.
  • How the fellowship experience will affect your overall career goals and direction.

Applicants must submit a project proposal (500-1,000 words) that describes the issue you are trying to address and a transformation project idea that you could complete during the fellowship. Your proposed project should focus on a topic that is relevant to your work and the work of your practice. Projects related to opioids, obesity, and behavioral health are encouraged, but not required.  

NOTE: The goal of this proposal is to give reviewers a general sense of a project initiative that is important to the applicant and their practice, and what the applicant hopes to accomplish. However, we recognize that project plans evolve and will require some level of modification over time, and the fellowship will be flexible to allow for those changes.

The project proposal must include the following:

  • Problem Statement, Goal, Vision, and Equity Statement: Provide an overview of the problem you aim to address, an explanation of why it is important, and details about possible interventions and project location(s) (e.g., your work site). What is your goal for this project (what are you trying to accomplish – at a high level)? What is your vision for the future and how will this project move you closer to your vision? Embracing the concept Improvement without Equity is Harm, how will you apply an equity lens to your improvement work to decrease unintended consequences of your project that may increase health inequities? Lastly, how will your clinic support your efforts on this project? 
  • Practice Transformation: Please describe how transformed you believe your practice is now. What do you hope to do through this fellowship to move towards more practice transformation? How it will help improve patient care, practice efficiency and viability, and/or quality of work life for clinic personnel? For reference, see What is Primary Care Transformation?

NOTE: Upon acceptance into the program, you and your employer must sign a Duke Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement for you to participate in this fellowship to solidify your agreement with the fellowship requirements.