Frequently Asked Questions

How is this certificate different from the Primary Care Transformation Fellowship?

This certificate program differs in a number of ways from the Primary Care Transformation (PCT) Fellowship:

  • The duration of the certificate program is 12 months versus 24 months for the PCT Fellowship
  • The certificate program is focused on broader health care transformation while the PCT Fellowship focuses specifically on transformation in primary care settings
  • The certificate program is open to a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical health care professionals while the PCT Fellowship is intended only for primary care MDs and PAs
  • The certificate program includes executive coaching and monthly distance-based webinars and self-directed learning activities, while the PCT Fellowship does not
  • Unlike the PCT Fellowship, certificate program participants are required only to develop a fully conceptualized health care transformation project implementation and evaluation PLAN for their practice/agency or with other community partner organizations. Although encouraged to do so, they are not expected to implement the project during the course of the program. 
  • Unlike the PCT Fellowship, certificate program participants are not required to partner with their employer organization to develop their transformational health care project. Certificate program participants are free to partner with any agency they choose.

How much does the certificate program cost?

The cost of the 12-month certificate program is $8,950 and can be paid in two installments — half prior to the start of the program and the remaining balance three months after the program starts.

What is the payment refund policy if I wish to withdraw from the program?

If a participant withdraws from the program, payment is refunded according to the following schedule of when the participant withdraws:

Before program begins 100%
Within the first month 75%
During the second month 50%
During the third month 25%
After the third month None

If participants wish to defer completion of their program due to unforeseen circumstances, the program will confer with participants on a case-by-case basis to arrange, if possible, for the participant to complete the program on a deferred schedule.

What will participants attain upon completion of the certificate program?

Upon program completion, participants will have a fully conceptualized transformational health project plan to execute a new initiative or refine/improve an existing one. Participants should also expect improved leadership and management skills, an expanded professional network, and improved protocols, practices and/or policies within their organization or partnering agencies. These benefits are fostered by each participant’s unique learning experience, mentorship, personalized leadership coaching, and the participant’s health care transformation project.

What is the time requirement? Specifically, the frequency/duration of sessions?

Participants should expect to spend an average of three hours per week on leadership coursework, distance-based learning and project activities using some or all of the following modalities: video talks, video clips, audio components, guided readings, discussion boards, interactive web activities, threaded discussions, on-line interactive modules and video conference sessions. Additional time may be spent periodically on activities related to executive coaching sessions or project needs.

What is the coursework schedule?

Please see a schedule of coursework, including course descriptions, time commitment required, and details about the course formats. The first week of classes for every course will be held in-person, and remaining sessions could be joined in-person or via video conference; participant expectations will be determined based on your location and preference after discussion with the instructor.

Are there any restrictions on the type of health transformation project participants can work on?

No. There are no restrictions on what the project can address.

Who should apply to the certificate program?

The Certificate in Health Care Transformation is geared toward health care professionals who have a health care transformation idea, which they would like to improve or refine. Participants should be well-positioned professionally to have the opportunity to serve a leadership role in getting approved and executing their project proposal. The program will provide professionals in the health care sector with the skills needed to develop and lead health care transformation and improve health within their communities and practice settings. The program welcomes health care professionals and graduate/post-graduate level trainees from a wide variety of disciplines and sectors such as, but not limited to: allied health, health care administration, health care insurance, health and human services, medicine, nursing, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy, and social work.

If I have other questions about the program, whom should I contact?

You may contact Jan Willis, certificate coordinator, by telephone at 919-681-7007, or email at

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