Courses of Instruction

CLP 201. Management, Leadership and Team Development.

The course focuses on leading and managing within complex healthcare systems, specifically through the process of developing and managing teams. Within the context of team management leadership, students will learn about changing and/or implementing system structure in a healthcare setting. Discussion will focus on adaptive, non-traditional managing techniques. Credit: 2.

CLP 214. Population Health Management Approaches.

This course provides healthcare professionals with the tools needed for effective population health management and care coordination. The course uses a project incubator framework to allow students to bring an existing population health project or ideas that they would like to develop with guidance from subject matter experts.  Students will learn from one another’s experiences, and will receive individual consultation time with faculty. Credit: 3.

CLP 215. Health Care Operations: Perspectives for Continuous Improvement.

Students will develop a toolkit for continuous improvement within healthcare organizations and systems and will explore selected quality, ethical, and human resources issues in healthcare management. Students will apply concepts to practice using quality improvement parameters, ethics modeling, and analysis of case studies. Credit: 3.

CLP 217. Community Engaged Approaches to Health Improvement.

This course will provide an introduction to community engagement (CE), particularly community-engaged research, as a tool for health improvement. Students will gain an appreciation for the value of CE and its challenges. Students will gain basic skills in CE and will have an opportunity to strengthen those skills through a hands-on project. The course will provide students with the capacity and resources to continue to assess and develop their practice of community engagement. Credit: 3.