Our Learning Environment

We strive to build and maintain learning environments that:

  • are psychologically safer, allowing for full engagement with the challenges and discomforts of learning medicine
  • value inclusivity, ensuring that all members of the program have the same opportunity to find belonging, meaning, and community
  • facilitate authentic self-expression, allowing individuals to be themselves at work and to prioritize their personal identify formation alongside—and intertwined with—their professional identity formation
  • value vulnerability, allow imperfection, and facilitate personal and professional growth, particularly during or after learning struggle
  • maximally support resilience development, recognizing that there is no one-sized-fits-all approach to being well in residency

We do this by:

  • nurturing meaningful relationships through fellowship, collaboration, and support. We have a lot of fun together
  • training our faculty
  • creating safe forums for sharing
  • practicing vulnerability and candor
  • actively looking for and addressing any threats to psychological safety
  • maintaining clear policies and holding each other accountable
  • adopting a growth mindset when we fail or fall short as a program
  • being kind, respectful, and accountable to one another
  • being kind, respectful, and accountable to ourselves
  • valuing and honoring the families and partners of our residents

For a few examples of how some of these principles might look and sound, check out these blog posts: