Learning Together

Since 2002, Learning Together has created community partnerships and offered training, mentoring, and outreach opportunities for Duke learners (students) interested in providing health-related service. To date, learners have taught health education at several schools and community sites throughout Durham, responded to health promotion and social service requests made by community partners, and assisted with data collection, surveying, and assessments within Duke’s Division of Community Health. 

Duke learners often serve community populations as an interdisciplinary team of medical residents and students, doctorate-level physical therapists, physician assistant and nursing students, and other graduate and undergraduate learners. Internship opportunities are also available through the Learning Together program. Also, learners may opt to provide health-related community service by developing individual or group projects. The latter option requires learners to obtain Community Health Activity Request Form approval, which reinforces Duke’s guidelines on how to launch health-related endeavors in the community. 

Just as we change, so do the needs of the community. Accordingly, seeking opportunities to strengthen existing community partnerships and developing new ones is continual. Currently, we are looking for learners to support Division of Community Health projects to serve the local community better. These projects include:

  • Assisting with projects centered on health benefits enrollment
  • Helping clinic patients with paper and electronic processes (health and technology literacy)
  • Participating in community health fairs
  • Teaching cooking classes at Durham Public School sites (sponsored by Durham County Health Department)
  • Teaching health education at school and community sites
  • Assisting with community surveying, data collection, and statistical analyses 

Before participating in health-related community projects, all Duke Learners must complete Community Health training modules, and if planning to work with community youth, training for working with minors 18 and younger is required. When teaching children in local school systems, a volunteer application and site-specific background check may also be needed.

If you have questions about the Learning Together program, want more information, or are interested in health-related community work, contact Kim Nichols at nicho058@mc.duke.edu or (919) 681-8365.